Religious Education

As a Church of England School, our Christian ethos is at the heart of every aspect of school life at Austrey and Newton Regis C.E. Primary.  Our RE curriculum enables pupils to develop an awareness of the spiritual and moral dimensions of life experiences, identify questions and issues which they raise and respond in a variety of ways to them..  Children will learn to value and develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other principle religions represented in Great Britain. They are given time to reflect on their own experiences, beliefs and values and develop personal responses to questions. Children will develop an understanding of commitment to a religious tradition and develop confident viewpoints, whilst engaging in open and honest enquiry, respecting others’ beliefs which may be different in a religiously diverse society.

There are close links with the local churches and the overall Christian education provided for our pupils, together with these church links, contributes to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils. As a school we have an agreed definition for spirituality which has been agreed by stakeholders.

Whole School peace poetry to celebrate International Peace Day

Y1 and Y2 visited the Mosque in Nuneaton on 7/6/23